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Sunday, 27 March 2011


As always, vice throws more sick shit our way (sick as in the 'that is sick blud' not literal sick or fucked up sick..)


Incase you're unaware, Vice have launched a very exciting online music channel showcasing the best new music from around the world, having been showcased at SXSW last week, were now on the road with Noisey's social media...!/noisey_uk


Their t-shirts are as cool as hell, the buttons on their cardis aren't so.. but what the hell, it might be the new thing to pay loads of money to buy shit that you would've found attractive when you were in pre-school (I go a bit wierd when it comes to big buttons).

They're having a party in Manchester too... WOOO.


So the boys at VBS this week are spanning the globe looking for the best tunes and the weird & wonderful stories that came with them, Episode 1 went up on VBS yesterday and Episode 2 went live today, we take a look at Tommy Riccio's hit song Nu Latitante.

SVENJA SPECHT (her name can't be real.)

Renowned figure in the Berlin Fashion scene, Svenja gives an exclusive interview about her creative process in the studio and her unique collaborations.

Reality Studio from Onitsuka Tiger on Vimeo.

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