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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Introducing Eagulls

Eagulls are a Leeds based five-piece consisting of George, Mark, Henry, Liam and Tom. That’s pretty much all the information you can gather from their MySpace page. Desperately scrounging the internet for more information on them, I came across their future plans to release a split record with Sheffield based Bhurgeist – who to be honest I haven’t yet quite heard of…
Their music is hard to place in a genre as elements of punk, grunge and indie-rock override their typically average ‘we’re-in-a-band-so-we-automatically-look-cool’ look, and they’re actually pretty awesome. The fact they can get away with writing songs called ‘Council Flat Blues’ and ‘Terms and Conditions’ are achievements in itself and a completely innovative way of creating ‘relatable songs’ for the new generation.

Infectious guitar lines are coupled with discerning drum beats, leaving you captivated in an ascending indie heaven. Your heart quickens with the drum beat as it collapses on itself, leaving the guitar to introduce grungy vocals and then climatically end in a frenzied fusing of all elements. It’s powerful stuff, and after listening to some of this indie madness, it might become clear why they chose their band name to be Eagulls, encapsulating their yearning for the skies through their experimental ways. I still don’t really get the name though. Maybe it was a lame effort of merging Seagulls and Eagles to create a new word and mythical creature – ‘cause it’s like totally the way forward man.’… Or maybe they just can’t spell. Either way, keep your beady eagle eye on them.

Eagulls - Council Flat Blues by ITCManchester

Summary: Grungy indie alt-rock from a band that can’t spell.
For Fans Of: Blink 182, Nirvana, DDMMYY
Listen to: Terms and Conditions, Council Flat Blues
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