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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Johnny Knoxville visits Detroit city..


I bet you guys have all heard about the doom and gloom news reports about crumbling, derelict Detroit. Well we got together with Palladium boots and Johnny Knoxville to meet the creative young people who are working to rebuild their city. It's not all bad as the broadsheets may lead you to believe; there's a lot of hope here. The cities' like a blank canvas, a fresh approach and a fresh start. We think this is our best yet, so go and take a look.

Heritage boot brand Palladium are continuing their quest to explore hidden, forgotten and abandoned places in urban environments. Their latest exploration entitled "Detroit Lives" features Johnny Knoxville, who takes viewers on an "off-the-beaten path" exploration through the city to discover if there's more to Detroit than the scenes of destruction and abandonment that it has become known for.

Once the fourth-largest metropolis in America—some have called Detroit the Death of the American Dream. In this 30 minute 3-episode documentary, Knoxville discovers a DIY paradise full of artists and entrepreneurs who view the abandoned "D" as a raw space where young people can create community and start rebuilding their city from the inside out. A burgeoning class of young people are inspiring each other by using the cities 'disadvantages' as opportunities. His hosts include notable Detroit punk band The Dirtbombs and hip-hop artist Black Milk.

Watch it here

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Electric Ladyland Warehouse Party


Roll up for this electrifyingly sexy extravaganza happening this Friday
Email: FLESHBOY@HOTMAIL.COM to be informed of secret location detail

ϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟ One-off SECRET WAREHOUSE PARTY ϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟϟ
ϟϟϟ 'Electric Lady' is the brand new release on Skeletronic Records ϟϟϟ
LIVE ►►►

Lady G (#1 Lady Gaga Tribute / USA) live @ Midnight!!! >

Spleen United (Copenhagen / Denmark) >

The Coolness (Skeletronic Records / Kids On K) >

Charli XCX (L.A / Warner Records) >

DJ ►►►

Chew Lips (Kitsuné /London) >

Fonteyn (Nuke! / Computer Blue) >

Is Tropical (Kitsuné / The Toilet Factory) >

Maggot (Italo Disco / GLC) >

Kindle (Toronto / Canada) >

Men In Masks (Fiesta / C4) >

ROOM 2 ►►► The Electric Fountain hosted by Club Cool
Maya Von Doll - Benafonte - Leila & I - Dion Power
Breaking Rules - DJ OONEA - Bad Bob


ϟ Prize for best Gagalike fashion disaster

ϟ Electronic Lazer Lightshow

ϟ Funktion 1 Soundsytem

ϟ Cyborg Strippers

ϟ Virtual Insanity

ϟ FREE electricity

Super mega limited EARLY BIRD £5 tickets available here >

10pm - 6am > £10 on the door until 1am > No Re-entry
Guestlist requests please email: FLESHBOY@HOTMAIL.COM
More info: 07766395558

Saturday, 25 September 2010

New Music

Truman Peyote - Honest Girl

Museum of Bellas Artes - Watch the glow

Warpaint - Undertow

The Black and White Years - Up

M.I.A. with Diplo - Untitled

Sounds of Summer II - Neon Indian

The Features - Temporary Blues

Animal Collective - Bluish

Friday, 24 September 2010

Charlie Le Mindu at LFW

This show was definately the one to be at! Charlie Le Mindu has an exquisite and raucous mind, initially getting noticed by fashionistas through his 2m long hair sculpture. He has only run 3 fashion shows in the past and LFW is only his 4th - which is damn right impressive I'd say. Anyway in this collection, he somehow succesfully merges sex with humour and sends one poor model stripped absolutely naked down the runway (see below)!.

'The first couple of models came out in tiny, animal printed bodies and sky-high lipstick pink platforms and there was a model covered in spotlights pointing back out at the audience, which is probably some deep subversive thing about turning the whole fashion show, model and audience relationship inside out. Still utilizing his preferred material of hair, he has created a few structured flapper type dresses, which draw as much on Diane von Furstenberg from last season, as they do from the hairdresser's floor'

Have a look

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Things that look like a vagina

WARNING: watch out for these things when you are completely fucked - I'm sure you wouldn't but you never know. That poor ginger boy off big brother did fuck a watermelon (after putting it in the microwave of course)

Perverts can find many things to wank off to / insert their dick into now. There's now no excuse to keep on raping girls you dirty fucks...

a sideways eye
Tubs of margerine.
Art from the Tate Modern.
An old lady's bag.
Some guy's chin on photobooth.
a guy's elbow scar.
Red pepper.
The entrances to inflatable Pikachus.
Children's toys.
A computer mouse.

Bigass sea shells.
Cracks in walls.

So yes after that exhaustive list of images that for some reason resemble vaginas, there is no excuse for dicks to rape people. However they probably would look like complete madmen in the process of fucking some crack in the wall.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Mans on some next ting bruv.

So here's a little update on 50cents crazy day. I really don't understand what he's doing with his life. We all know that he's gone through shit (which he seems more than happy to make public) but taking photos of himself off his mac with some dog... really?! Is that what going through shit eventually equates to? - I fucking well hope not...
Let me set the scene:
50cent first starts sending tweets to his dog(...err ok right.)
His dog (Oprah) then starts making beef : "and he always plays his music too loud. dont nobody wanna hear that shit! he aint made a classic since get rich or die tryin"

50cent ain't wanna be taking any of that bullshit so he starts getting violent...

"Now this is how you shut a bitch up"
"Yeah I thought u'd change your mind bitch"
"you can take it! dont worry it will be a lil sharp pain but you'll be alright"

So there it is - a lovely insight into 50 cents Monday evening.
Unluckily for him, he was then bombarded by tweets from Peta and several animal rights activists in which Oprah the dog replies "you peta people need to mind ur own fuckin business .. its personal shit going on here" and 50cent righteously argues: " Stay off my motherfucking twitter page I don't give a fuck!"  Fucking wonderful.
The whole thing ends with a final tweet saying that he just got off the phone with Obama and everything is fine and dandy. I really do worry about that man sometimes...maybe he's starting to get a bit old...

OK Go's new video (replacing the treadmills with dogs)

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Topshop Unique Spring 2011 Preview

Let's take a step into the future ...
Check out those boots/shoes/whatever you call them. This outfit really highlights the future popularity tassles are going to acquire.
I am in love with this dress and its prints.
Floaty / light fabrics sided with harsh accessories
Nudes with brights is definately a thing to keep your eyes on.
The colour and detail on this outfit is so awesome your eyes go green with jelousy.
A gothic feel softened with the use of transparent and floaty fabric
GRUNGE. fuck yes.

50 cent goes horny on twitter

The title says it all really. What I've understood is he's taken some shit and has been up for the past 12 hours thinking about his dick and watching too much porn. Check out this madman on the loose..

Ok I'm asking every man on twitter to join forces with me to fuck every women in the world's pledge of allegiance to latex and dive in
34 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

God fucked up a little bit. I'm supposed to have a twin brother. How I'm supposed to fuck all these bitches by my self I need help.
about 1 hour ago via ÜberTwitter

Cause I ain't eating behind you motherfuckers yal licking ass and swallowing all kinda shit.aint no dish washer in the world can clean that
about 1 hour ago via ÜberTwitter
 Yal ain't gonna believe this I just brought a gold cup and utensil set for when I go out to eat.
about 1 hour ago via ÜberTwitter

Yal aint gonna believe this I just brought a gold cup and utensil set for when I go out to eat
about 1 hour ago via ÜberTwitter

Man I'm learning all this freaky shit on twitterI want all you justin beaver loving ass kids off this motherfucker right now lol
about 8 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

I'm little horny boy this morning but dam you motherfuckers on twitter is freaky for real I got me Some new shit to try lol
about 8 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

But ill try fuck it. Its worth a try
about 8 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

when girls say freaky shit it sound differentShe said put it in all my holes I said it ain't gonna fit in your nose and ears
about 8 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

Aww man I hope this shit don't be in the new paper tomorrow but you what I don't give a fuck
about 9 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

Look I might go to jail trying to do some of this shit yal telling me.hang her head off the bed and face fuck her. Ok lol
about 9 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

Weight how the fuck you do that.step on a bitch head while you fuck her doggy style? Lol
about 9 hours ago via ÜberTwitter
I want every body to tweet the freaky shit they be doing so I can make sure I'm doing everything
about 9 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

Yep cut it down gave him a fade lol
about 9 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

Ok I'm back I just shaved the poodle so now every one knows I'm blow job ready
about 9 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

Ok now the world knows how I feel about my dick lol its 4:30 am if your kids reading my tweets you should get yo ass beat
about 11 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

Man god looked out for a nigga my dick is the right size.I take my time to wash him but i need a hair cut starting to look like a poddle.
about 11 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

Look bitch if I leave my dick on the dresser let my dick be on the dresser when I wake up ok IAint got time to be fuckin playin with you
about 12 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

I'm just glad my dIck don't come off cause niggas a steal anything these days.I'd be like bitch if u don't bring my dick back ill
about 12 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

The bitches would be going to see rnb singersPerform niggas up there dancing wit a little dick talking bout all this love for you
about 12 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

I think if the world good see my dick I'd be a bigger star I really got the magic stick. ImagineIf motherfuckers had to perform naked.
about 12 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

I really think if the world good see my dick I'd be a bigger star
about 12 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

Man I be fucking up head boards. Nigga I works out on a bitch.I go hard why you think these hoe be on me. Lol
about 12 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

Ok I like to set shit off with a I been looking at these porn clips and I think I could be a big porn star cause I be stroking.
about 12 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

How come a porn star can suck the hole dick anGood girl can only suck some?ok if your a good girl reading this more suck more dam it
about 13 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

I'm tired I been to sleep twice today ima be up late tonight on this shit

Sunday, 12 September 2010

What's been happening?

Being a dickhead is apparently cool.

A synth-heavy tribute to taking the complete piss out of all those trendy hipsters in shoreditch. The person who made it (probably some crazy, american-apparal clad hipster himself) is, to some extent, a legend.

1st Birthday warehouse party
30 OCTOBER 2010



Coming up over the next few weeks:

  • An interview with terry chimes from the clash
  • Nugget porn
  • Big brother's posh twat Ben speaks to us
  • Master shortie (sex) exclusive
  • Guide (and tips) for getting into various parts of the music industry from the experts themselves
  • High profile musicians using escorts (yes basically prostitutes) EXPOSED