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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Pantheonz of Zenn-la - Pain Is Pleasure

Fresh out is Pantheonz Of Zenn-la's first release off their forthcoming project, and is one easily rivalling Odd Future's. There are aggressive lyrics, slipknot-like masks and the undeniable strength of it's hip hop beats. POZ consists of MC's Seapa Dee, Order Of Merit Meziah The Omniscient, Apex Zero and The Aurahkel. Check out the madness below.

This week's new music #2

My Panda Shall Fly - Injury (remixed by Darling Farrah)
MPSF consists of Sri Lanken(er), Suren Senerviratne, who was originally acknowledged for his remix of Pirate Soundsystem’s ‘Dub N U’. He braces the DJ decks at night after his 9-5 graphic design job at LuckyPDF. He’s supported by Gold Panda and Vondelpark, works on remixes with Terror Danjah and plays for Off Modern. Beautifully reworked dub and electronic sounds result in repeated listens. Download the track and listen to his debut EP, ‘Sorry I took So Long’. Who knows what else we’ll see coming from underneath that beard of his in the next couple months...


Curren$y ft Prodigy - The Type
Curren$y doesn't need an introduction, he's been around since 2002 making hip hop beats. His recent collaboration with Prodigy proves his masterful ways with rhythm, vocals and lyrics.


Jai Paul - BTSTU
Following Jai Paul’s demo of BTSTU last March, the song appears in its finished form via XL Recordings. Melodic vocals riding big drum claps and synth riffs are things that shouldn’t necessarily work together...but it somehow does. Although it’s not that far off the original, the extra detail thrown in makes the quality of the track a whole load better. His debut album will be released later this year.


Shabazz Palaces
They've been around for a while now but in the next couple months, they’ll be everywhere.... Seattle avant-rap Shabazz Palaces are blood relatives of Gonjasufi and a group happy to work in dark and mystical conditions. The rap here isn’t upbeat, but cold and harsh, coupled with irregular drums, and synths appearing from nowhere as voices interrupt each other. They’re signed to Sub Pop, and if you haven’t heard them before, now’s the time to immerse yourself in this visceral, powerful stuff.


So we all know the royal wedding's coming up, whether we're the muslims or anarchists planning to screw it up, or the dedicated royalist, it's something that can't escape our minds, radio, or tv. In light of this, Sweet and Sound decided to catch up with the Queen's thoughts on the middletons, her obsession with gin, and texts from the pope.

Interview with Jerry from Lazy Oaf

At yesterday’s Lazy Oaf SS11 launch, Deerbrains was privileged enough to catch the lovely Jerry from Lazy Oaf to talk about crazy promo video ideas, pet hates and the influence of music on this season’s collection. You can check out their new SS11 collection which is launching online Tuesday 26th and available in store till August 2011.

Name: Jerry O' SullivanAge: early 20s
Location: London

To those who haven’t heard much about Lazy Oaf, where did it all begin?

It started off with our designer Gemma Shiel, who finished uni doing textile design, and then she started hand screen printing t shirts in her spare time and selling them on a market stall in Spitalfields. It just developed from there really. This year we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary as a brand, so that’s in October, so there’ll be a big party for that.

What about other graphic designers, do you have any favourites at the moment or particular pet hates about different designs?

There’s some good graphic design stuff happening at the moment, I don’t think there’s a huge amount in the UK of graphic design focused fashion labels for girls. It’s a lot of men’s t-shirts and there are some really good ones, but its more from freelance illustrators who turn designs into t shirts ... I guess we used to do a lot of cartoony and more pun driven designs. There are too many t shirts with logos slapped all over them and clich├ęd phrases, and we’re over that – there’s just too much of it. 

Yeah, especially when Topshop and H&M tapped into it... There’s a lot of cross prints in your SS 11 collection, do you think this witch-house electro ‘explosion’ has merged into today’s trends?

Yeah, I can’t pinpoint the exact stem of that trend, it’s suddenly like everyone’s going a bit Goth. I think it was a bit of a reference from 90s grunge; sort of like going back to 90’s films like ‘The Craft’. I think our designer was looking a lot at the films she used to watch from when she was a teenager for her inspiration... music probably has had an impact, but I’m not sure of the exact reference of it. Our designer just literally goes home, draws loads of stuff and designs, so I guess you get influenced by a lot of different things. I think being in East London, surrounded by lots of different trends, you pick up different concepts.
You also stock sellotape adorned in various prints and diaries etc, how did this all come about?

We’ve always stocked other brands stationary and we stocked this really good Japanese tape that had cakes and stuff on it. Everyone went mad for it, so we thought why don’t we turn our own designs into tape, and so we just did 3 designs and they’ve gone really well.

 It must’ve been especially snapped up by the younger customer. Since you did used to have cartoon inspired prints, do you think you’ve attracted the younger audience and are struggling to tap into the older market?

Yeah, but I think our younger audience have kind of grown up with us now and been with us for 5 years. So when we started off, it was around 13-18 years, and slightly older guys. Now they’re 16-20, so they want to look a bit more fashion forward and they’re looking at lookbook and all those kind of things. So we’ve tried to grow up with them and also get an older market because we’re all in our 20s, and want to design clothes we want to wear. I think we’ve just reached a point where we don’t want to wear fitted t shirts and cartoon prints. So we were like let’s be selfish and design collections we really want to wear... as well as hopefully what our customer wants to wear.

And with the new SS11 collection, have you got any promo videos coming up?

Yeah but it’s not launched until May. We went to Spain to shoot our SS11 look book and our photographer Victor Voltaire filmed bits of the shoot like running into the sea and hanging out in the park and stuff like that.

Nice, if you were to come out with a crazy idea for promo video that would completely take Lazy Oaf out of its comfort zone, what kind of stuff would it include?

I reckon it would involve food. I can imagine a giant keg and someone jumping out of it or some kind of giant burger food fight because a lot of our stuff’s fast food orientated. But because we do have quite the young customer we have to keep it slightly tame just so their mums are kept happy too.

And obviously we’re at your launch party. How do you think it’s all going? Was it really stressful to organise?

It’s turned out pretty good, wasn’t too stressful. The main thing was waiting for the collection to arrive. We have all the ideas and all the designs but it’s always the manufacturing which is sometimes unreliable. It’s been nice working with Kopparberg and the girl who does our cakes, Lucy Vanilla. WAH nails have also been amazing. It’s so nice to bring other people in and brings a new element to this event where rather than us all come along to the shop, our customers are getting something out of it as well. It has been very girl orientated – I think that’s because of the nails.... and probably because our new collection’s more fashion forward.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Where the fuck have I been..

Well I've been about posting shit up here and there (which Ill put on here) and helping out with the launch of and the odd job with mtv + ch4 (check tumblr for photos)... but the interesting shit is stuff you should check out below:

Yes, vice issue launches in various places around the UK. It's going to be full of boobs, sex and alcohol. Fun.


This is an old granny, this is not boobs. But I promise there some in this CLICK. There's also anarchists, Royalists, Muslim extremists and a whole load of crazy people.

Will do a couple updates on here soon.
Also bands to check out:
Rizzlekicks + Shabazz Palaces

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Fucking awesome right?

March 23, 2011. Ibiza, Spain – O’Neill is on a search for a model to become the O’Neill Girl, and appear in the Spring Summer 2012 campaign.

Between April 1st and May 15th the search is on to find the new O’Neill Girl, at

But it’s not just any girl who will make the cut – it’s a girl who has the guts to jump off the end of the One Way Runway and into the sea wearing the new O’Neill Superkini.

Twelve finalists from the O’Neill Girls Facebook campaign will be flown out to Ibiza in June to walk the One Way Runway in front of a panel of judges to include supermodel Elyse Taylor (pictured below), professional O’Neill surfer Raine Jackson and top fashion editors and stylists.

Although it would appear quite a 'leap of faith', the 'cliff hugging' One Way Runway is not as scary as it sounds – thanks to the new O’Neill Superkini.

The Superkini is the latest and most welcomed addition to the world of bikinis. A leading innovative new design in swimwear, it is made with a new nanofront ™ material, so it sticks to you your body when wet keeping you sexy both in the water and out – and when jumping off cliffs.
The winner of the O’Neill One Way Runway, chosen by the judging panel, will be flown out to a photo shoot on a secret beach location in September 2011 to star in the Spring Summer 2012 campaign.

To be in with a chance to be one of 12 finalists flown out to Ibiza, upload a picture of you in airtime at the facebook page between April 1st until May 20th and get your friends to vote.

The top 12 finalists will be flown to Ibiza for a catwalk with a difference – the One Way Runway. You must be over 18, have a passport and free to travel to Ibiza on June 7th-10th 2011.

Dazed Live 2011

From 12pm-2am on the 9th of April, Dazed and Confused magazine will take over East London in true festival style. Venues such as Village Underground and XOYO will be brimming with arty hipsters adorned in supreme hats, loafers and skinnies.

Various talks, exhibitions and films will occur throughout the day with music kicking off the evening in Village Underground, headlined by Gang Gang Dance. Other names playing include post-dubstepper SBTRKT, Darkstar, Black Devil Disco Club, Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip’s About Group and Aidan Moffat. If you want to find out more or want to buy tickets go to and they donate 15% of ticket sales to Japan Society Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund.

Check out the Dazed Live lineup mix below:

New Music

Pinch x Loefah x Roska

Pinch is a well known name when it comes to dubstep and is the label boss of Tectonics. Pinch collaborations are a rarity – his last one was in 2006 with ASBO. ‘Broken’, Pinch’s collaboration with bass-driven Loefah, produces something that’s pretty impressive where drones, stabs, weighty bass and consistent snares attend to your ears. There’s not much ‘wobbly sub’, which shows Pinch’s influence, and it makes the track a lot clearer. This track is so brilliant; it could be strong enough to define the meaning of dubstep. His next partnership is with Roska for ‘Paranormal Activity’. Roska usually hangs around the 130bpm mark, but here it’s taken one step further to 140bpm – more to Pinch’s stride. This increase makes Roska’s percussion fiercer as it emerges from amid the dark reverb and layered drums. If you haven’t listened to Pinch yet (or even hear of him), pinch yourself and wake the fuck up. This shit’s incredible.

Lapalux – ‘Time Spike Jamz’

22 year old Essex boy, Stuart Howard brings explosive and textured beats to your sweet and sound ears. The manipulation of samples and synths are brilliantly executed and leave you in a trance like state clouded by another-worldly presence. His punk-rock like attitude (although it’s nothing like punk rock… at all) to venturing beyond rules and what other producers have done, is a thing for others to aspire to. There’s nothing much else to say, unless you’d like an essay on his divine talent. I’d be surprised if you were still reading this, not having been intrigued enough by the name of Lapalux.

Release Date: 18th April 2011
Format: Limited edition cassette tape exclusive to and MP3 download

Mono/Poly - ‘Needs Deodorant’

Mono/Poly’s easy listening is perfect for those days you wake up with the sun shining and reach straight for that perfect Pimms mix. Much like the citrus fruit flavours stimulating your tongue, the innovative sounds and powerful rhythms invigorate your mind to a state of happiness and content. Which is pretty hard going considering the shit life throws at us.

Mono/Poly is releasing ‘Manifestations’ via Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder Label on April 4th.

Koolfella – ‘Poise’

Garage beats, a house-feel and Mary J vocals - what more could you ask of from a song? Koolfella’s a young ‘un from Berlin, but his music’s just as good as those who have been in the business for the years. This song knows exactly where it’s going and has the power to completely change the atmosphere of a room – into a good one that is.

Also check out ‘Bring It Back’ on his MySpace (

Grimes – ‘Vanessa’

Grimes is still staying strong, making beats that incorporate sounds from beyond the grave (well, not literally). ‘Vanessa’ sees falsettos hopping around, reminiscent of a children’s playground in the middle of an apocalypse. The vocals are exactly like that too, gothic and child-like tendencies attached with the choral-like ‘ooo’s’, yet are intermitted later on by far more mature ones. I think this was a whole scheme to simply creep people out. Who can’t admit that the beginning vocals make you want to (slightly) piss yourself, an image of a Korean pop-singer rising from the grave coming to mind? Nonetheless, it’s a change from her previous stuff, that rather from sounding like things rising from graves, was just kept buried below.

EP Hippos in Tanks / Arubutus out April 19th

Interview: Steve Strange

1979 Boy George and Steve Strange at Blitz Club London

When I went to see Steve Strange, it was a really strange experience. He is a legend, and was one throughout the 80’s, being one of the leaders of the New Romantic movement. He’s now evolved that into a new movement, the ‘Neo-Romantics’ (get it?), which seem to be gathering at the monthly ‘Face’ night with house DJ’s like Princess Julia. He’s got this great presence about him but it seems he’s slowly losing it. People just aren’t that interested anymore. He’s become somewhat more of a tourist attraction than an innovator. Still… he deserves a lot of respect for what he’s created, done, and the people he namedrops – I mean, knows.

So tell me about the blitz club reopening earlier this year…
It’s like what me and rosemary created 30 years ago and we knew there’d be an interest because I do a monthly event every month called ‘The Face’. ‘The Face’ is controlled about who comes in and who doesn’t – I’m very strict on the door. That night, there were obviously a lot of people who originally were here 30 years ago and also so tickets were sold online. When I heard that and got there I was like ‘Whaaat?!’. I had to control the line, and people have got tickets and I was going to them and saying, ‘really, you can’t come in…’

Right…Do you enjoy rejecting people?
Not really, but what I want, I want people who are original, who are creative and individual. I don’t want them to be inside a club full of people staring at them. I want them to be inside somewhere which is theirs, uniquely theirs, so they can dress however they want and not feel like they’re being gawped at. So it’s not gay, it’s not straight, It’s metro-hetro-sexual friendly. Basically anything goes – in one way or another. I turned 100 people easily away that night and only was on the door for an hour and a half, on top of how many rosemary turned away. The queue at 7 o’clock’ was to the end of the road and there were three tv stations in there. There’s itv, hbtv and the bbc, and there’s our own camera man for our website which is, its relatively new.

What’s your site about?
It’s about fashion, it’s also got a gallery with original Blitz photographs. It’s got my gallery, and a celebrity gallery with people like Jack Nicholson, Elton John, Sylvester Stallone, Grace Jones and then new pictures which we done last week. We just employed Steven Jones who makes all my hats, he’s going to be out fashion editor and we’re obviously going to have his hats on the fashion section. I’ve also contacted an original blitz kid, John Galliano to be a Fashion correspondent, because we change the fashion ideas every 3 months for the website.

Sounds cool, so tell me more about ‘The Face’…
I do ‘The Face’ every month, so successful. For next time we got another venue in mind (instead of Punk soho), its 1920s art deco, 700 people capacity, I can’t say much else…Also Paradise Point, I’ve been nurturing them, they’ve played the past two Face parties, so I’ve been nurturing them like what to look out for in the music industry, what to be wary of…Vogue wrote a column on them, and said them to be this year’s biggest band. If you go to vogue online, you’ll see it, I’m not just talking bullshit. You know.

Yeah, I believe you…and what would you say is your favourite Blitz club memory?
Most people thought it would be when I turned Mick Jagger away, but I didn’t turn him away because I didn’t think he was cool enough. We had fire officers saying if you let any more in, the shutters are going down, your waitress, the barmen, your club owner are not going to have a club any more. So thank god, a really good friend of mine, the heiress Sarah Guinness, was with him, and he was pissed. He was like ‘don’t you know who I am’, and I was like ‘yeah course I know who you are but I can’t let you in’. And he was having none of it. The best moment was when Bowie came and he asked me if I would style and cast the extras for the Ashes to Ashes video and I gave him my makeup artists and I did all the clothing and styled all the Ashes to Ashes video.

That’s mad… What do you think of the current music scene?
I think it’s great La Roux, Gossip and Little Boots all give us credit for the electro scene. Beth and La Roux say if it wasn’t for Steve Strange and Visage, they wouldn’t be in the electro music scene. And that’s great because when we were at our height and we had a number one single in 17 countries, the music press hated us because they never created us and they were putting us down. That’s basically what the music industry do, they like to take care of a band, rub them in cotton wool, build them up but once they’re successful, ‘boom’, knock them straight back down.

Yeah totally.