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Monday, 28 March 2011

Lacoste Live Party

Little was known about the whereabouts of this exclusive event until a few hours before the party started and with a ratio of 3000 people on guestlist to a 400 capacity venue, you knew it was the place to be that night.

Free drinks were freely flowing with Vladimir vodka, wine and all sorts on the drinks menu. There was a ‘backstage’ area, that wasn’t really very backstage, and brushing the shoulders of Jameela Jamil, Reggie Yates, Wretch 32 and Wiley was a regularity. That was all that happened throughout the first couple hours, and as soon as people began getting that little bit tipsy, Wretch 32 embraced the stage. ‘Ride the motherfucking beat like a tractor’, was probably his most anticipated line of the night, and everyone went on a right hype – although I’d like to know what kind of tractors Wretch 32 rides on...

After a mini DJ interlude, Wiley came up on stage. There were whispered rumours that this was all an act, and Wiley wasn’t going to appear (as since we all know, he’s gone a bit mad), but he was there, in his deluded entirety. His hood was half unzipped, not sure if this was the ‘drunk’ vibe or ‘i’m-gonna-unzip-it-coz-it’s-cool’ vibe, but more importantly, was how he performed. It was breathtaking. His eyes concentrated on various cameras, as he spitted out lyrics that sounded genuine and emotional. It seems as if he’s been battered by the music industry, making a mini speech about how dance music makes money etc. However, you can still see the raging passion inside of him when he performs, and at times it seems like this is the last thing he’s got left to hang on.

Everyone was pretty wasted by this point, and people stumbled over to an ‘after party’ at Alibi. What went on there is nothing I can write about on here... Let’s just leave it at that.

Watch a video about the night courtesy of

BBS 003- Lacoste live! 2011- Wiley-Wretch 32- Seb Chew from Jonathan Kugel on Vimeo.

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