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Thursday, 31 March 2011


So Vice's our new relationship with Coachella, The Creator's Project have been coming up with amazing art projects, we've teamed up with Spiritualized main man J.Spaceman and UK film maker Jonanthan Glazer on a major new interactive installations to be unveiled at Coachella. Have a gander at the project and trailer.....

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Belle Phoenix - exclusive Interview

How would you describe your music?
Many cats sticky–taped together riding a black horse through the underworld...

What do you think distinguishes you as an artist?
I write songs and sing them and occasionally play guitar.

How important do you think image is with music, do you think music without image has little meaning (and vice versa)? How would you describe your image?
Everyone is different and there are those of us who feel inclined to express themselves through image and music and there are those who express through music or fashion etc. I personally don't think it's important if you express through image and music, just be yourself and do what you love and believe in.

There are elements of punk in your work – do you think it’s something that’s resurfacing in today’s music?
As far as I know, 'punk' originated from New York CBGB's music scene from a magazine called "PUNK" created by John Holmstrom in the mid 70's to describe the new sounds that were coming through, namely, Ramones, Stooges, New York Dolls etc. The name caught on and eventually would be accepted as a label for new sounding bands of the time. The truth is, I don't really know what is resurfacing in today's music, because I'm constantly in my own head and putting my own ideas down for songs that I can become a little ignorant to what is going on in the world of music.

What are your thoughts on grime as the new punk?
Punk is punk, grime is grime

Tell me about your squatting days. What were the worst and best things about it?
The worst thing about it is I lost some friends to drugs, one ended up in a wheel chair because he was high and jumped of a bridge. The best thing about it? There's a certain freedom about it, no deadlines to meet, no bills to pay, no-one to impress, your you without any of the frills so to speak.

Do you think the use of drink and drugs is something that will always be within this music / rock culture? Does it make you feel more like a ‘rock-star’?
Drugs and drinking is beyond music or rock culture! most people take sedatives to escape the 9-5 humdrum or pressures of life or just to have fun, open their minds to something new etc. etc. Housewives from the 1950's onwards were hooked on all kinds of prescription medication to relieve the repressed lifestyles they were living, some even taking LSD a drug created for the government to give to soldiers to be more alert etc. Obviously it backfired and ended up on the streets. The point I'm making is that, as we all know, drugs aren't just part of rock'n'roll music.
The term rock-star sends chills down my spine... I'm not really about being a rock-star. This passion for music has always been in me since a small child, creating is just an expression of who I am.

How would you say you have developed stylistically (and lyrically) from those days to now?
The attitude in the music has always been the same, although working with producers that don't resonate with your style of music can disguise the truth of a song, if that makes sense? As with everything we are passionate about, we hope we're on the journey of evolving, and I'm not sure if I have or not... The spirit of the songs remain the same although the musicality may change, at the moment it's got quite a lot of Western overtones, likened to Ennio Morricone, or something like that.

Did you have much input into the thoughts behind your underground video? What’s the story of it?
We couldn't afford a video and I had a clip in mind, cherry blossoms and birds and gravestones etc. So we got the only video camera we could find and started to create this clip right on spring time when the blossoms were coming out, it's lo-fi, but it's all we had. The clip represents the cycle of life after death on a spiritual, psychological level. The song came to me as I was waking up from a deep sleep and I immediately wrote down the lyrics that in that moment poured out of me, it was straight into the home studio to record the various instruments the main one at the time being synthesizer and acoustic guitar. There was an eeriness and beauty about the song that haunts me till this day.

What do you think of the student protests / government? Do you have a strong political viewpoint on all this – even if you are from Australia?
People are suffering in the world, I feel an empathy about that. Is violence necessary? what kinds of minds end up in protest situations, are they just angry young people with nothing else to do but spit blood at the government? Are they just people who want an easy ride? I don't know... I believe in freedom of speech without violence, however I have witnessed many video's documenting young students being hit on the head with batons and knocked unconscious, police officers injured as well, I don't agree with people using weapons against people with no weapons. Should the people pay for the government and it's mistakes? It's been an eye opener researching the current climate and "revolution" that seems to be happening all around the world. Out of curiosity and of course concern, I attended a rally against a nuclear reactor being placed not far from Sydney, at the time I wasn't sure what my thoughts were, I just wanted to try to be familiar with both sides of the story. After realizing what is happening in Japan, I feel validated that I attended. It's important that we gain knowledge of politics and the resistance to get a clear idea of what is going on, I don't believe in a government that puts people at risk of losing their lives or their homes and freedom of choice.

What made you move from over there to Camden?
First I moved to Germany from Australia to play in a band there with friends, I needed to hear english again after some months and decided after being asked to come over here for shows I would stay and catch up with a couple of my old friends, one was the guitarist Mark Alberici who also played on the last album 'The Glorious Dead' in New York's East Village. Mark and I wanted to collaborate on some new songs and unfortunately that didn't really work out so, I put a band together and started playing some shows and staying with friends in Camden in which, it turned out I didn't have the energy to move again, although I think I will soon... I don't like to stay too long in one place.

How is the music over there compared to here?
A lot of Australian folk in which I don't particularly resonate with, although I have respect for a lot of the "underground" scene that usually gets showcased in various warehouses out of the public eye.

Have you ever made contact with the ‘original punks’ strolling around Camden?
Haha! I have actually, I got a photo with them! I'm pretty much a recluse most of the time although I do enjoy socializing with all kinds of people.
Any tattoos?
One tattoo... on my arm... I'm not proud of it

Favourite lyric
Lost myself again
Or then again maybe I never did
I been waiting like a fool
For some ship to roll in
I been living in a desert
Livin' in God or Satans dream
Livin' like some kinda cactus
That the world has never seen....

It sums up my life...

Favourite food
Strawberries & Fresh Cream

Where do you think the world will be in 100 years?
That is up to us really, what are we going to create for future generations, we have the power to create a beautiful future, the power is in our hands.

Any last words?
Check this link out:

Monday, 28 March 2011

Lacoste Live Party

Little was known about the whereabouts of this exclusive event until a few hours before the party started and with a ratio of 3000 people on guestlist to a 400 capacity venue, you knew it was the place to be that night.

Free drinks were freely flowing with Vladimir vodka, wine and all sorts on the drinks menu. There was a ‘backstage’ area, that wasn’t really very backstage, and brushing the shoulders of Jameela Jamil, Reggie Yates, Wretch 32 and Wiley was a regularity. That was all that happened throughout the first couple hours, and as soon as people began getting that little bit tipsy, Wretch 32 embraced the stage. ‘Ride the motherfucking beat like a tractor’, was probably his most anticipated line of the night, and everyone went on a right hype – although I’d like to know what kind of tractors Wretch 32 rides on...

After a mini DJ interlude, Wiley came up on stage. There were whispered rumours that this was all an act, and Wiley wasn’t going to appear (as since we all know, he’s gone a bit mad), but he was there, in his deluded entirety. His hood was half unzipped, not sure if this was the ‘drunk’ vibe or ‘i’m-gonna-unzip-it-coz-it’s-cool’ vibe, but more importantly, was how he performed. It was breathtaking. His eyes concentrated on various cameras, as he spitted out lyrics that sounded genuine and emotional. It seems as if he’s been battered by the music industry, making a mini speech about how dance music makes money etc. However, you can still see the raging passion inside of him when he performs, and at times it seems like this is the last thing he’s got left to hang on.

Everyone was pretty wasted by this point, and people stumbled over to an ‘after party’ at Alibi. What went on there is nothing I can write about on here... Let’s just leave it at that.

Watch a video about the night courtesy of

BBS 003- Lacoste live! 2011- Wiley-Wretch 32- Seb Chew from Jonathan Kugel on Vimeo.

Protest Videos 26 march 2011

There's no point writing about it when I've handpicked some of the best videos about. Just see for yourself.

Protest in Trafalgar Square from James Field on Vimeo.

Sunday, 27 March 2011


As always, vice throws more sick shit our way (sick as in the 'that is sick blud' not literal sick or fucked up sick..)


Incase you're unaware, Vice have launched a very exciting online music channel showcasing the best new music from around the world, having been showcased at SXSW last week, were now on the road with Noisey's social media...!/noisey_uk


Their t-shirts are as cool as hell, the buttons on their cardis aren't so.. but what the hell, it might be the new thing to pay loads of money to buy shit that you would've found attractive when you were in pre-school (I go a bit wierd when it comes to big buttons).

They're having a party in Manchester too... WOOO.


So the boys at VBS this week are spanning the globe looking for the best tunes and the weird & wonderful stories that came with them, Episode 1 went up on VBS yesterday and Episode 2 went live today, we take a look at Tommy Riccio's hit song Nu Latitante.

SVENJA SPECHT (her name can't be real.)

Renowned figure in the Berlin Fashion scene, Svenja gives an exclusive interview about her creative process in the studio and her unique collaborations.

Reality Studio from Onitsuka Tiger on Vimeo.

Rival Schools - Pedals

It’s been almost a decade since Rival Schools’ last masterpiece, United By Fate, brought together a cult of post-punk mainstreamers to relish in choppy guitar encrusted velour. Frontman Walter Schreifels still retains the talent and ear for largely amiable melodies, with a new found conventional wisdom. However, the real question lies in whether this is still applicable for their fans from the late 90s and early 00s to listen to. I’m sure, by now, their post-punk hardcore hoodie-clad listeners are in their 30s and 40s, no longer into being experimental and ‘rock n’ roll’, but more into raising a family and listening to Radio 2.

Pedals clearly lacks the heaviness and potent distortion of United By Fate, yet this shouldn’t be something viewed as an immediate disadvantage. Deep heart-punching guitar riffs may be a prominent theme in ‘Wiring It Out’ and ‘Eyes Wide Open’, but it’s the slow gentleness and scintillating choruses that eventually prevail; so much to the extent that something like ‘Racing to Red Lights’ could be included in a love mix tape, meaningful lyrics of “you’re driving too fast / racing to red lights” melting the girl’s heart in the process.

Schreifels sounds exactly the same as he did almost ten years ago, grungy growls that grow into something endearing when reaching those high notes. “Love doesn’t know anything / only believes when it believes” he sings on ‘Shot After Shot’, so beautifully executed, conjuring up the image of an emotional Schreifels on his knees, singing his heart out. It seems that ‘Pedals’ carries with it a lot more heartfelt emotion and far less aggression, yet unharnessed drum and guitar accompaniments are what make it just as accessible to its original fans as to its new ones.

Despite the record’s brilliance, it’s back to the inevitable thought that it took them ten years to make it. Many things can happen in a decade; countries, people and genres can all be destroyed to mean no more than a pulp of shit on the side of the road. When Rival Schools emerged, they were fortunate enough to be at the forefront of emo and post-hardcore breaking its way into mainstream, yet commercially led groups such as Fightstar and The Rasmus seemed to triumph. Perhaps in 2011 it’s Rival Schools’ time to once again shine. Their tightly produced, guitar-shredding, euphoric alchemy of symphonies emit the same passion as you would have heard from them ten years ago and, so what if their re-union was an elaborate scheme to get more cash – it worked.

Was it worth the wait? Yes - even if you did grow a few grey hairs and a moustache in the process.

(written for

Red Bull Studios First Birthday - review

The labels, ‘press guest list’ or ‘guest list’ adorned the walls outside red bull studios, as inside drink was generously flowing. “Spirit with red bull, sugar-free red bull, cola red bull” decorated the bar menu “ there a fucking way out of leaving this room without shaking from a caffeine high?” muttered someone behind me in the queue. I certainly wasn’t complaining. Who could with a line-up of Skream, Benga, Benji B, Kano, Foreign Office, Drop the Lime and DJ Mooken?
Before Hackney four-piece Foreign Office were graced the stage, I explored the legendary Red Bull studios. Body guards stood, left, right and centre, guarding what went on behind closed doors. Another room was fitted with luxurious sofas and people printing t-shirts in the corner courtesy of Hit + Run. Yes, they were of course free. As breathless falsettos emerged from a bed of crunchy electro beats, it was my cue to get back to the stage and check these guys out.
I presumed them to be another one of those dub step acts, so was pleasantly surprised to be met with guitars, good hair and skinny jeans – and, of course, staggeringly good music. Waves of post-punk vibes and rhythmic beats evolved from George Hume (guitar), James Woodley (drums) and Duncan Hillman (keys). Paul Cousins (vocals), dressed in solid vintage frames, intensely stared at the back of the room as he sung his heart out, his lyrics edgy, ironically bright yet dark at the same time.

As always with the beginning of the night, people kept as far as they possibly could from the stage, leaving the band in an awkward position if they got ‘too into it’. Yet, this didn’t stop them creating a modern 80’s vibe on stage, and it was clear that every person rigidly stood with their hands clamped around their blackberries, were secretly rocking it out inside. They just needed more vodka down them.

As the evening progressed, so did the stacks of empty glasses, and the crowd of people on the dance floor. It was time for Kano. Personally, I’m not a great fan, but after seeing him bring his distinct urban freshness to the stage and the reaction received from this select crowd, I couldn’t stop talking about him afterwards. People were miming the lyrics to his songs, as he charismatically paraded the stage, never standing still for a moment. In the middle of the song he came to the front of the stage where this girl stood, pumping out some chest-attracting, Beyonce-like moves, “I like the ways you’re dancing right there you know. Don’t stop it. Don’t stop it,” Kano muttered, exchanging a couple of his savvy dance moves in return.

His whole set were songs he recorded in the studio, and things he’d not yet played – so it was a genuine exclusive performance. Cameras were flashing, and the room was slowly heating up to the point where it’d be appropriate for Kano to do a cover, singing: ‘Its getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes’. Instead he slammed it out with another banger from a song he’d collaborated with Chase and Status. After that things start getting a bit hazy, and all I remember are people’s arms in the air and drinks on the floor.

After re-energising myself with those deliciously potent ‘studio mixes’, I bumped into Benga on the stairs, who directed me to follow him into the green room – the backstage area....what happens there stays there. Well, that is, if anything actually happened. It was pretty much a room full of alcohol, food and sweets. People patted Ollie (Skream) and Beni (Benga) on the back as they ventured out into the basement where a crowd of people waited in anticipation for those dub sirens to scream. The set began with the lyrics ‘What you talking about’ surfacing beats dirtier than pig’s diarrhoea as the crowd melted into a moving sea of skanks. The atmosphere in this basement was hotter and livelier than anything I had seen all night.

No-one was simply standing there, and there were certainly no blackberries in sight. This crowd of pretentious music industry talent were finally drunk on enough vodka to let go and get involved. A girl spread herself across the DJ decks, people were slamming the ceiling, and some dodgy looking individuals emerged from the bathroom…ahem. Despite all this mayhem, Skream stayed completely focused on the set, not even taking a moment to drink, which is a talent in itself, where Benga was a bit more flexible to be sociable. They ended their set with a dirty bang, everyone with sweat dripping off their foreheads and yearning for more filth. But that was the end of it.

Buying yourself a litre of vodka, a crate of red bull, some disco lights and trippy sunglasses with a mix of Dubstep, Grime, and Old School Jungle on full blast, would go some way to re-creating tonight but it’ll be a small taste of what went down.

(published on

Heineken Open'er Festival

Glade Festival

Glade Electronic Music Festival - 10,11,12 June 2011
Secret Location TBA, UK.
Tickets: £135 + BF / Capacity Strictly Limited To 5000


The UK’s most forward-thinking electronic music event Glade Festival returns for 2011, revolutionised and stripped back to it’s shiny roots. Taking place at a brand new, as yet undisclosed, venue this year’s festival will feature a selection of the biggest names in cutting-edge electronic music. This years event sees the festival scaled down in terms numbers (strictly limited to 5000 capacity) BUT will feature the same attention to detail which saw the event voted Best Dance Festival 2008 at the UK Festival Awards.


BEN & LEX + More TBA





This is just the tip of the iceburg. With more artists to be announced alongside more arenas and some of the bnest décor, performance, sound and visual installations in the country Glade Festival is well and truly back!


• Weekend Tickets: £135 + BF
• Camper Van Passes: £50
• Deposit Scheme Tickets: £50 + BF

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


This chinese millionare cunt called Mr Han was not a happy man when his new Lamborghini Gallardo broke down after six months. He paid some fellow fat chinese men to fuck the car up with sledgehammers yesterday.
Wrecked Lamborghini(PA)

Wooo...It's like chinese anarchy, guys.

Lacoste Live

What more is there to say apart from <3 lacoste.
Their video on the site is awesome too. You get to choose friends who take you to a party to perve on couples getting it on... Every old man's desire.


A studio on the Thames Estuary? Quite a statement but it is true, a Lightship was bought by a music producer back in 2006 and turned into a recording studio, we follow the band Mazes and their recording sessions on the boat.


VBS has garnered exclusive access to acclaimed director Harmony Korine's short film Umshini Wan. Zef slang pioneers Ninja and Yo Landi of Die Antwoord star as wheel-chair bound gangsters, continue on.....

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Some bitch talking about praying

What the fuck is up with this girl... For a moment (and only for a moment) I did sit there, thinking shit, I should get 'down on my knees and pray' but after looking at that silly hair-scraped-back bitch talking her bullshit for another minute, I realised that that was all it was - complete and utter bullshit. Get back to the floor bitch.


The Electric and DC Shoes announce a partnership to celebrate creativity at the Speed of Life

Life is moving increasingly faster, the pressure is perpetual and its seemingly all about progress. DC Shoes and The Electric, DJ Vadims new super group, have teamed up to launch The Speed Of Life. A mission to get you to realize the hidden depths of cities, to bring people together in celebrating creativity to launch The Electrics debut album; Life is Moving.

This weekend, 24 electric blue bikes were placed in secret locations around London for one week only. Finders of these bikes will need to snap the best pictures and take the best video sitting astride these rare duel wheeled monsters there are NO limits to the brief get naked, dress as animals, cajole a celebrity in to joining you (maybe all at the same time) and upload the result to

The best shots are chosen every few days by The Electric and members of the pro bike and snowboard rider teams from DC with chosen shots and videos winning copies of the album, DC shoes, top of the range DC snowboards and one of the most sought after bikes around, the SE Racing 2010 DC x PK Ripper Fixed Gear.

alternative image textThe Electrics debut album, Life is Moving, is out on general release today and they launched the album to a sold out Koko in Camden on Saturday night. This group comprising of DJ Vadim, Pugs Atomz (Chicago's finest upcoming MC), UK sultry soul-stress Sabira Jade and is more than just sick production, soul, broken beats, or battle raps. Life is Moving Is tipped to be one of 2011s hottest albums, which will not only take over the UK, but the World.

So, lets get a recap on one of the most exciting competitions around, shall we?

1. Find an Electric Blue Speed Of Life bike - be sure to follow clues on Twitter and Facebook
2. Get creative! Express yourself, grab your friends and get a photo with a bike
3. Upload that cracking shot at
4. Get your mitts on a prize
5. Find the next bike

Monday, 14 March 2011

When life gives you shit, turn it into perfume

(for Vice)


This guy made some perfume out of his own shit. We spoke to him.

VICE: Hey man. Tell us a bit about yourself.
Jammie: My name’s Jammie. I was born in a hospital. Since then, I’ve started selling bottles of perfume made out of my own shit at £40 a pop.
How many have you sold so far?
I’ve sold 25 of the 85 bottles that I produced.

That’s pretty good going. Were you exposed to a lot of shit or have any unpleasant shit-related experiences when you were younger?
No more than any other little boy.
Does shit turn you on?
No, but I have seen that video on the internet.
That shit’s so 2007.
I know, sorry. That gag stunk.

If someone asked you to make your own scat video I bet you’d have some pretty strong ideas to bring to the table.
I don’t know exactly what I’d do. But it would be called Forrest Dump: Number 2.
Enough of this shit. So, to your perfume – how’d the idea come about?
I was reading a book by the French writer Dominique Laporte called The History Of Shit, which analyses the theoretical and social implications of faeces, and its role as a building material for cosmetics. It suggested that pleasant smells were used to cover bad smells, so it could be suggested that a bad smell could be used to cover pleasant smells.

Isn’t that an incredibly obvious thing to base an art stunt like this around?
Well I did some research and spoke to perfumers and scientists involved with smell at molecular levels. I learnt that there are molecules that are common to both good and bad smells – for example, the smell of faeces and many white flowers, such as orange blossoms and juniper, are from the molecule Skatol. They’re just there in varying concentrations.

Yeah. Some of the companies that produce luxury perfumes also produce natural flavourings in common foods, and they often use the same synthetic chemical ingredients for both. They’re only emulations, but in a lot of foods you eat on a day-to-day basis are things like civet, a mimic of the anal secretions of the civet cat, and ambergis, which plays fakey at being a sperm whale’s gallstone. Then there are your more standard emulations of musk deer secretions and various tree secretions.


Did you have to spend a lot of time at home waiting to collect your shit, or did you shit into a plastic carrier bag that you carried around with you?
No, I didn’t need to get that much. It was pretty quick actually. It took me about a week to extract the “essential oils” from the “various raw materials”. The setting up and the mixing took the longest, so I didn’t have to carry around Tupperware or plastic bags.
How did you deal with the smell?Nose pegs and open windows. My flatmates decided they’d rather be in another country.
No shit. I could ask you about the distillation process, but that’d be really boring right?
Yeah. Basically I use a bunch of containers and pipes and end up with jars of eau de shit.

How did you decide it was worth £40?
That’s the average price for a perfume of that size.
So what about the name? ‘Surplus’. Where’s that from?
I didn’t want to be like all the other schmucks and translate something from English into French just to sound glamourous. Surplus is the same in both languages, which negates the romantic connotations of the French language.

Have you ever worn your perfume?
Only at private views.

Man that’s some crazy shit!

Check it out


Vice went to New York as G-STAR showed off its A/W 2011 collection at New York fashion week where amongst the stars turning out were Rosario Dawson, Jared Leto, Mena Suvari, Yaya DaCosta, Sofia Black D'Ellia and the new face of G-STAR British Actress Gemma Arterton, check it out.

A Melancholic love story adapted the world over gets its release on Soda Pictures this month, Trah Anh Hung puts his spin on the novel Norwegian Wood...

Monday, 7 March 2011


‘A four day party like no other’

21ST - 24TH JULY
Nr.Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

‘There is no festival on Earth quite like Secret Garden Party’ Rockfeedback
Shortlisted : UK Festival Awards 2010:
Best Festival
Secret Garden Party is pleased to announce headliners and the initial batch of confirmed artists for 2011:



NERO (DJ Set) - SUB FOCUS (DJ Set) + MC I.D. -
Neil Barnes of headliners Leftfield is looking forward to playing: ‘It’s great opportunity for us to play at the Secret Garden Party. I’ve heard a lot about it We are all very excited in the band. The sound will be pumping as you would expect By the time we come off stage I don’t think you will be able to keep this festival a secret anymore.’

SGP favourites for several years now, Mystery Jets, are also lined up to headline, as are the legendery Motown group, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. Also performing will be Blondie, fronted by Debbie Harry. With so many hits under their belt such as ‘Denis Denis,’ ‘Rapture,’ ‘Heart of Glass,’ ‘Sunday Girl’ and ‘Union City Blues,’ a mass sing-a-long for their set is pretty much guaranteed.

Well known for championing new artists before any other festival the Gardeners are tipping Londoners Tribes and New York’s Matt & Kim among many others forbig things in 2012. Eddy Temple Morris has also booked some hotly-tipped acts this year including Japanese Popstars.

With 12 stages, 360 artists and over 50 djs, the music programme this year promises to be the most wide-reaching yet For those wanting to discover the next big thing and enjoy an eclectic mix of exciting musical performances SGP 2011 is definitely going to hit the spot. More to be announced soon.

In other news, here are some of the other activities currently underway for 2011:

Action camps
   The Action Camps are the life blood of Secret Garden Party. They are created by you, for you. We have had a record amount of applications this year; some bold, some understated, but all of them dreamed up and designed by your fellow gardeners. This year, some of the best Action Camps from 2010 have grown into fully-fledged venues, making to make way for new Gardeners and new ideas to grow.

Art and Installations
   The Burning Man Project has shown us the way when it comes to installation art: free it from the gallery and make it as interactive as possible. In 2010, we embraced this concept whole-heartedly, and brought some ofthe finest contemporary artists from around the Globe. We brought towering robots to the Garden, street art from Europe, Shrines from San Francisco, huge kinetic cocktail making sculptures and Cartoon
   Confessionals from the one and only Tony Husband. This year, we’ve raised the bar. Giant floating islands that defy the laws of physics, tunneled labyrinths, flocked trees, a return of the ROBOTS>>>> crew and much much more.. As ever, every corner of the Garden will be alive with interactive art for you to get involved with and be wowed by.

Art boats / vehicles
   Art boats and Art Vehicles are mutant locomotives that can both aid you in your journey or be your journey’s end. They travel around the lake or the fields, looking for passengers and mischief. Some will play music, some will serve a cheeky beverage or two, but all are guaranteed to entertain.

   After expanding our theatre content in 2010, we have decided to up the ante this year. True to our word, our beloved Feast of Fools stage, the Supernatural Badger Woodland and Tax Deductable’s incredible Never-Ever Land Theatre will all remain in their permanent homes at this year’s festival. Be sure to explore their programmes in the ‘Artists and Arenas’ section of the web site.
   But there is more; hidden amongst the trees, dotted amongst the flowers and bursting from the blind spots will be hundreds of walk about performers, making sure The Garden remains as surreal and fantastical as it has always been.

Soul Fire
   After its resounding debut in 2009, Soul Fire has grown from strength to strength. It is back in 2011 to
provide you with the best fine dining experience in a festival field. Oozing indulgence, the menu has once
again been painstakingly pored over to ensure you are offered an exquisite choice of hearty, healthy and
delicious dishes prepared from the finest locally and ethically sourced ingredients. Set in sumptuous
surroundings, diners will be able to enjoy not only the finest food on site, but also a full service bar.
   It’s not all about eating however – during the day at The Soul Space, practitioners of varying professions will be on hand to share their knowledge with a full programme of talks and workshops, ranging from morning yoga and song to talks on raw food and nutrition. In the evening, The Space will come alive with music and dance, providing fantastic entertainment for you to enjoy as you dine.

   Boutique customers have just a moment’s stroll from their accommodation and straight into the heart of the
festival. There is a range of options available, ranging from traditional yurts, tipis and bell tents to most fantastic and unique accommodation, including kabins and kacoons.
   Other facilities include toilets and showers for exclusive use to boutique campers, private parking and entrance, boutique barrow boys and butlers and a goodie pack for each camper. For those wanting some
serious pampering, The Boutique Sanctuary is open from Friday-Sunday with various treatments available from massages to facials, manicures to pedicures

Tickets and full FAQs for SGP 2011 are available now from

Full Price Ticket £155 + booking fee. Includes free programme
Family Camping Pass £20 (only available with adult ticket and Under 12’s ticket – entitles parking,camping and entrance through Family Camping gate)
17 Years and under £115 + booking fee. (Must be purchased with adult ticket and accompanied by a guardian over 21 and have photo id)
12 Years and under FREE - with adult. (must have valid ticket. Applications with adult tickets)
Camper Vans £50 - very limited space
Boutique Camping (includes private entrance,bellboys for luggage, exclusive use of showers and toilets, private pampering)

Gay For Johnny Depp - 'What Doesn't Kill You, Eventually Kills You'


Brooklyn’s Gay For Johnny Depp bring together an album with the appropriately blunt name of What Doesn’t Kill You, Eventually Kills You with song names of insidious obscurity and revelling puns that make you feel like shrivelling up in a paranoid pornographic mess. Their strive to be a sex fuelled ‘Blood Money’ is carried on right through to their stage names (Sid Jagger, Chelsea Piers) and their snide comments about the sound of their album as “children being thrown from a carney carousel” are equally as intriguing as they are discouraging. Yet, after 20 minutes of vulgar screams in homoerotic tones about their love / hate fantasies about Johnny Depp, the album’s title thankfully doesn’t quite live up to its promise, although it comes critically close.
As the album kicks off with the profusely named ‘Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and Artistic Integrity’, a guitar-ridden ball of energy is thrown at you, seeping right through to your bones. Amalgamated guitars, sirens and screams pleasurably tear away at your skull as you come to terms with Marty Leopard’s statement of “you’ll never be one of us” – although I can’t think of anyone who’d want to. Their efforts to shock their audience through their hardcore sapphic ways is made more than clear and simply makes them look like desperate try-hards.

Although their anarchic image and band name are good for getting noticed, with titles as *shocking* as ‘No, I’m Married To Jesus. Now Keep Your Fucking Hands Off Him’, it’s disappointing how little the music backs up their attitude. The song should appear with sounds of blood-boiling angst, something that should be representative of dirty screaming infidels forced together in a small room, each movement and breath generating further cries of outrage. Yet it’s something more relatable to a bunch of 10 year olds playing an aggressive game of ‘it’ in a school playground. To put it lightly, they’ve got the balls and they’ve got the swag…but that’s pretty much about it.

Gay For Johnny Depp have been labelled with the dubious tag of “spazz-core” and although the frenzied riffs and chaotic wails aren’t something that’s to leave you with pounding and bloodied ears, it’s something that may suit the avid hardcore listener and Locust fan. Perhaps the reason as to why you should listen to this album is rightly put in Leapord’s words: “I’m not an idiot / I’m not an idiot! / I’m not a fucking douchebag!’” …I wonder why he feels the need to voice that.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Black Lips have premiered their new single 'Go Out and Get It' on
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You may know him from the I.T Crowd, The Boosh and Nathan Barley, but Richard Ayoade is now making his debut as a Director for the film Submarine, about a 15 year old boy with 2 objectives, to lose his virginity and to stop his mother falling in love with new age mystic.


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Introducing Eagulls

Eagulls are a Leeds based five-piece consisting of George, Mark, Henry, Liam and Tom. That’s pretty much all the information you can gather from their MySpace page. Desperately scrounging the internet for more information on them, I came across their future plans to release a split record with Sheffield based Bhurgeist – who to be honest I haven’t yet quite heard of…
Their music is hard to place in a genre as elements of punk, grunge and indie-rock override their typically average ‘we’re-in-a-band-so-we-automatically-look-cool’ look, and they’re actually pretty awesome. The fact they can get away with writing songs called ‘Council Flat Blues’ and ‘Terms and Conditions’ are achievements in itself and a completely innovative way of creating ‘relatable songs’ for the new generation.

Infectious guitar lines are coupled with discerning drum beats, leaving you captivated in an ascending indie heaven. Your heart quickens with the drum beat as it collapses on itself, leaving the guitar to introduce grungy vocals and then climatically end in a frenzied fusing of all elements. It’s powerful stuff, and after listening to some of this indie madness, it might become clear why they chose their band name to be Eagulls, encapsulating their yearning for the skies through their experimental ways. I still don’t really get the name though. Maybe it was a lame effort of merging Seagulls and Eagles to create a new word and mythical creature – ‘cause it’s like totally the way forward man.’… Or maybe they just can’t spell. Either way, keep your beady eagle eye on them.

Eagulls - Council Flat Blues by ITCManchester

Summary: Grungy indie alt-rock from a band that can’t spell.
For Fans Of: Blink 182, Nirvana, DDMMYY
Listen to: Terms and Conditions, Council Flat Blues
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