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Monday, 28 February 2011

Introducing Spaghetti Anywhere

Ubiquitously named ‘Spaghetti Anywhere’ are a relatively new London band with heavy 80s Scottish influence. They are made of Francis Cullen and Valerio Cerini who part themselves from the ‘trendy’ witch-house genre to create a trend of their own: ‘sounding like a Scot’.

Listening to their synth ridden folk is like being immersed underwater amongst a sea of unicorns dressed in tartan kilts. The rolled ‘r’ s carry you further through the range of messianic sounds and visions, at the same time comforting like a mother’s tits are to her newborn.
In short this band look promising, and it must be said, that I’m more than a ‘wee’ bit excited. Bring on the Scottish revolution with the free download of their recent EP –

Summary: Synth ridden indie music for the true Scot.

For fans of: The Pastels, Camera Obscura, Belle and Sebastian
Listen to: Kevin Currie


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