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Monday, 28 February 2011

Introducing Part Time

Part time remain a mystery on the internet, the only things coming up are part time jobs or part time sex etc but after coming across ‘Thunderbolts of Love’ on YouTube, this certainly wasn’t a thing to listen to part time, more the type of thing that has permission to parade your ears, mind and soul full time – because it is so excruciatingly fantastic.

The lyrics are echoed sentiments of lost love, and sound like something that would have been made by Zeus after playing a computer game involving unicorns and an Alice Cooper x Ariel Pink soundtrack. A high pitched 80’s electro beat follows directly behind the lyrics and provide an escape from the gloomy realisation of reality.

Only after all this did I stumble across the fact they had a MySpace profile (yet with only 100 friends) and were signed to Voice academy records. I was hoping they were to be unsigned, but I suppose all bands eventually get driven into some commercial ploy in order to survive.

At least their music’s good; so good in fact it’s making me want to venture out to the middle of the sea only with an Ipod containing this track. I wonder if this song will help me through being stranded and then getting eaten by sharks, touched by electric eels and stung by many deadly jellyfish. In fact it’s so brilliant; I think it may be able to do just that….

Summary: Hazy visions of unattainable love empowered by an 80’s electro beat.

For fans of: The Teenagers, Peter Murphy, New Order
Listen to: Thunderbolts of Love, Lies in the eyes of love


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