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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Dave I.D. – Gangs

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Dave I.D’s recently released EP Gangs is an apocalyptic whirlwind of sounds. Claustrophobic beats are interwoven with darkly brooding doom and vacant snarls swirl amongst a melting pot of genres. Hazy clouds of post punk, electro and pop rise from the depths of South London to drift in and out of your mind, eventually gaining control as you begin to realise that you can’t think about anything else but the potency of Dave I.D’s music.

‘Only Me I Can Save’ is glorified through its range in textured beats, bound together by other-worldly lyrics, both delivered with genuine conviction. “It’s only me I can save” intrudes your thoughts, gnarly beats cascade this ocean of realisation, only to be reassured by echoes of “no” and an XX like guitar. Many things happen between the rallying snares as the words “a river” are repeated, water like drops of beats drowning the echoes of other sounds.

‘Marvel’ is more ominous in its sound, synths that resemble something out of a bloody zombie game, the music accompanying those dark corridors where you’re about to be attacked. It’s almost a mutated dubstep beat, or perhaps just a really stoned one as cries of ‘Don’t Follow’ rightly portray the angst and uncertainty about today’s society. The last 50 seconds of the song are magical, euphoric reflections that provide you with an escape similar to floating in darkness.

‘Memory Loss’ is largely reminiscent of These New Puritans, with its drawn out vocals and wispy pulses. Dave’s feelings become particularly prominent: “They shouldn’t mess with me / They shouldn’t fuck with me”, but his ability to merge these feelings with sounds are breath taking. There’s nothing repetitive about any of his tracks (apart from lyrics at points), and each one is a journey in itself to self realisation that the world we live in is fucked.

The EP turns to adopt more of a robotic- punk-like element with ‘X-F’. The song starts with a solid drum, but then is restricted to electronic beeps and industrial clashes, almost like a battle that leads to the fusing of the two. The combination of different sounds, hums and general Teutonic clatter are enough to make you go deaf if put up to level 11.

The last track, ‘Light’s’ carries with it a climatic end to the EP emitting even more guitar and Teutonic clatter than the previous tracks. The vocals are much less evasive, and keep to the background as the myriad of various beats sit on top.

All in all, this EP is impressive, and proves Dave I.D. is a very talented man, with more good things to head his way. Shame about the name though, although simply calling him Dave wouldn’t be that great either… Either way, keep a watchful eye on him over 2011.

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