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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What's going on up at Vice?


Today VICE is proud to announce that The Creators Project was been named Creative Partner for this year's Coachella festival. They'll be working with some of the world's biggest musicians to transform their performances into unprecedented visual events. In addition, they'll be overseeing and curating a series of major art installations across the grounds.


"We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that this year we’ll be kicking off 2011 at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Coachella has been one of our favorite festivals for years, a must-attend musical celebration of epic proportions. So many legendary concert moments have taken place here—that night Daft Punk unveiled their glowing pyramid, that year they let us see The Pixies, Radiohead and Kraftwerk back to back, the sunset performance that helped turn Arcade Fire into a household name, and seminal sets from Prince, Morissey, The Cure, Pavement, My Bloody Valentine, Portishead and so many more.

And now we’re going to be a part of it.

As Coachella’s creative partner, we’ll be collaborating with this seminal festival to re-imagine the festival experience for the next generation. We’re teaming up with select headlining acts from this year’s festival lineup (see the recently released list of performers here) to create new works of art, curating a series of major art installations on the festival grounds, and bringing several of our favorite international musical acts to perform on the Coachella stage for the first time, including: Emicida, EE, and New Pants.

By incorporating cutting edge technology and stunning visual art into the Coachella experience, we hope to add a new layer of creative interpretation to musical expression, as well as bring fans even closer to the music. How will we do that, you ask? Well, we can’t reveal everything just yet, but stay tuned for a HUGE announcement on February 16th where we will unveil details on the artworks and collaborations.

In the meantime, visit the Coachella website for more info and mark April 15-17 on your calendars because this is going to be epicly legendary!"

LADYBUGS: 200,000 ladybugs and pretty red headed ladies for a fashion shoot, interesting results a plenty...

A few months ago photographer Ed Zipco asked them if he could shoot a Vice fashion spread consisting of pretty redheaded ladies covered in ladybugs. Of course they said, “Of course.” Weeks later they were standing inside a photo studio with 200,000 ladybugs. They creepy-crawled all over and inside every nook, cranny, and fanny (yes, we’re talking orifices), but as you can see the results were well worth it. And, just so you know, ladybug sex stench is perhaps the funkiest aroma to ever waft up a nostril.

Rule Britannia: Teenage Riot

AND (nearly) FINALLY Vice's long awaited film documenting the student protests, Rule Britannia: Teenage Riot, will be premiering next week and trust me its worth the wait.....


As hoards of balaclava-clad teens  gather to apparently protest against the rise in tuition fees, they’re under the illusion that it will make a difference. The government simply don’t give a fuck. There’s no point in trying to defeat the police (as much fun as that would be) since they would eventually end up beating the shit out of you. Famous stuck-up cunts - Charlie Gilmour - think that swinging from a memorial is just so incredibly symbolic (of fuck knows what). The only result being to find a photo of them-glorious-selves in the paper the next day, titled ‘girl swinging from memorial’. Maybe a useful tactic would be to adopt Willow Smith’s ‘I whip my hair back and forth.’ However, the state that people were in at the time might've resulted in them whipping their heads back and forth into a wall.
The atmospheres at the recent protests are demonic renditions of festivals, and it’s certainly a good thing that people generally turn up with a decent stock of ‘supplies’. Everywhere you walk, weed’s transfused with the oxygen, and you come across some weird-ass people you’d only ever think of seeing in your dreams such as the clown offering ‘free education’ with pupils the size of a fat man’s ass hole. Various kinds of explosives are used such as Molotov Bombs, fireworks, home-made smoke bombs and people enjoy viewing the explosion a lynx can makes when thrown in a fire. Later into the evening I recall some guys skanking on some other guys shoulders topless – a bit gay, no? Don’t know what relevance this has to the government being a bunch of lying pricks but hey, why not?
Essentially, these whole protests are a lot of bullshit, involving fuck loads of running around and pretending you hate the government and police when really you’re too high to care.


Hi Shredability’s Jake Burghart gets in the van with Mikey Detemple and Hi Shred veterans Scotty Stopnik, and Kassia Meador to travel up the coast to Southern Maine, as Mikey shoots his second film, Sight/Sound.

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