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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

FUCK//CHUCK ? - take the piss out of hipsters

Heres a little preview of the kind of stuff you're going to find on my new site along with those sexy fashion posts and shocking interviews...


(image source titled: 'fat hipster girl')

She’s so deprived of cock, she’s resorted to sucking on her shoe...the poor girl. Is she even a girl? Who the fuck knows. Imagine that thing coming onto you in some dodgy alleyway, you wouldn't even be able to run because you're s...o freaked out. Like the one eye being red and the other not for instance. Perhaps that hormonal tranny's under the illusion that she will draw people in with that ‘half-seductive-devil-look’. God knows what else she’s done to herself in her desperate bid to look somewhat ‘sexy’…Or maybe she's trying to reach down her fanny or whatever mysterious object / organ lies there in an attempt to arouse herself, but for some reason she just can't bend over. I wonder why...


Her mouths open, ready for the positioning of a skinny, timid cock….. Or is she just in the middle of mouthing ‘dis bling bling iz mine..’ At this point I’m desperately trying to reach the conclusion whether this is some hooker or possibly just another hipster cunt. Here we go again… The spirit finger pose like something off ‘Bring It On’ (which is just so cool) and the adorning of a vintage lace bra is most certainly an underground hipster trend that’s slowly rising to surface. The ‘tiffany’ necklace was blatently found in some kind of shit hole- ‘Wun expensive chik’ but has some deep meaningful story behind it like how her cat fell down the drain and she found the necklace in its place which was originally Hitler’s…The finishing hipster touch is the curtain fringe covering her eyes adding an arty and mysterious sensuality. Yes, she’s a hipster. Come and get her boys.

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