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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sarabeth Tucek 'Get Well Soon'

Song Of The Day #187 // Sarabeth Tucek: ‘Get Well Soon’
feat. on

What exactly makes a great track? Is it personal depth and meaning, pristine vocals or perhaps a tantalising introduction leaving you frozen in captivation? Either way, all these qualities are easily found in Sarabeth Tucek’s new track: ‘Get Well Soon’ due for release on the album of the same name via Sonic Cathedral in April. Previously recognised for her debut album in 2007 and an appearance in the Brian Jonestown Massacre documentary ‘Dig!’, there’s been little from her since then, but after hearing this track, it’s evident that it was well worth the wait.
A grief-ridden introduction envelopes ones thoughts as you are mesmerised by the opening lyrics of ‘‘I knew it was sad / I recognised it was bad / now looking back, I see, my mind, it was cracked…’’ and the listener is instantly drawn into a tale of ‘’a time ruled by grief’’. Both lyrics and vocals are breathtaking and deeply touching – comparative to those of Karen Carpenter – whilst restrained guitar and piano accompaniments ensure vocals remain at the core of the song which Sarabeth describes as “a reminder to keep myself well… It’s hard to explain the ferocity of grief I experienced when my father died. I really felt like it was going to kill me, so to be here…well I just wanted to remind myself of what I survived.” If you’re not left in a mournful daze, tears blistering your eyes towards the song’s poignant end – then surely you can’t be human…

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