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Friday, 21 January 2011

Vice Issue Launch Party - 27th Jan

Vice's new issue’s out. It’s mainly about how the West’s gigantic sociopolitical fuck-ups in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the last decade will give us a fatal hangover that drags on well into the next one. They’re having a party in Old Blue Last to celebrate it, and Fantastic Mr Fox – who is headlining – has made us a mix to celebrate that. Partying gets you further away from all the war and suffering in the world, which is why you should come down. It’s free, though, so with all that spare change rattling around in your pocket we can’t guarantee you won’t leave without a fatal hangover of your own.
Star Slinger and Vice Djs will also be in attendance at the Old Blue Last on Thursday the 27th of January, and the night runs from 8pm till late. Here’s that mix we were just talking about – there’s no tracklisting, but we’re pretty sure that first track features Björk and from then on the thing dissolves into a fizzing, popping ocean of beats and mercilessly hacked up diva vocals. Pretty sweet
It's going to be full to the brim with sexy fun frolicking.
(however, slim & clean preferable) 

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