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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Things that look like a vagina

WARNING: watch out for these things when you are completely fucked - I'm sure you wouldn't but you never know. That poor ginger boy off big brother did fuck a watermelon (after putting it in the microwave of course)

Perverts can find many things to wank off to / insert their dick into now. There's now no excuse to keep on raping girls you dirty fucks...

a sideways eye
Tubs of margerine.
Art from the Tate Modern.
An old lady's bag.
Some guy's chin on photobooth.
a guy's elbow scar.
Red pepper.
The entrances to inflatable Pikachus.
Children's toys.
A computer mouse.

Bigass sea shells.
Cracks in walls.

So yes after that exhaustive list of images that for some reason resemble vaginas, there is no excuse for dicks to rape people. However they probably would look like complete madmen in the process of fucking some crack in the wall.

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