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Friday, 24 September 2010

Charlie Le Mindu at LFW

This show was definately the one to be at! Charlie Le Mindu has an exquisite and raucous mind, initially getting noticed by fashionistas through his 2m long hair sculpture. He has only run 3 fashion shows in the past and LFW is only his 4th - which is damn right impressive I'd say. Anyway in this collection, he somehow succesfully merges sex with humour and sends one poor model stripped absolutely naked down the runway (see below)!.

'The first couple of models came out in tiny, animal printed bodies and sky-high lipstick pink platforms and there was a model covered in spotlights pointing back out at the audience, which is probably some deep subversive thing about turning the whole fashion show, model and audience relationship inside out. Still utilizing his preferred material of hair, he has created a few structured flapper type dresses, which draw as much on Diane von Furstenberg from last season, as they do from the hairdresser's floor'

Have a look

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