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Monday, 20 September 2010

Mans on some next ting bruv.

So here's a little update on 50cents crazy day. I really don't understand what he's doing with his life. We all know that he's gone through shit (which he seems more than happy to make public) but taking photos of himself off his mac with some dog... really?! Is that what going through shit eventually equates to? - I fucking well hope not...
Let me set the scene:
50cent first starts sending tweets to his dog(...err ok right.)
His dog (Oprah) then starts making beef : "and he always plays his music too loud. dont nobody wanna hear that shit! he aint made a classic since get rich or die tryin"

50cent ain't wanna be taking any of that bullshit so he starts getting violent...

"Now this is how you shut a bitch up"
"Yeah I thought u'd change your mind bitch"
"you can take it! dont worry it will be a lil sharp pain but you'll be alright"

So there it is - a lovely insight into 50 cents Monday evening.
Unluckily for him, he was then bombarded by tweets from Peta and several animal rights activists in which Oprah the dog replies "you peta people need to mind ur own fuckin business .. its personal shit going on here" and 50cent righteously argues: " Stay off my motherfucking twitter page I don't give a fuck!"  Fucking wonderful.
The whole thing ends with a final tweet saying that he just got off the phone with Obama and everything is fine and dandy. I really do worry about that man sometimes...maybe he's starting to get a bit old...

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