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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Johnny Knoxville visits Detroit city..


I bet you guys have all heard about the doom and gloom news reports about crumbling, derelict Detroit. Well we got together with Palladium boots and Johnny Knoxville to meet the creative young people who are working to rebuild their city. It's not all bad as the broadsheets may lead you to believe; there's a lot of hope here. The cities' like a blank canvas, a fresh approach and a fresh start. We think this is our best yet, so go and take a look.

Heritage boot brand Palladium are continuing their quest to explore hidden, forgotten and abandoned places in urban environments. Their latest exploration entitled "Detroit Lives" features Johnny Knoxville, who takes viewers on an "off-the-beaten path" exploration through the city to discover if there's more to Detroit than the scenes of destruction and abandonment that it has become known for.

Once the fourth-largest metropolis in America—some have called Detroit the Death of the American Dream. In this 30 minute 3-episode documentary, Knoxville discovers a DIY paradise full of artists and entrepreneurs who view the abandoned "D" as a raw space where young people can create community and start rebuilding their city from the inside out. A burgeoning class of young people are inspiring each other by using the cities 'disadvantages' as opportunities. His hosts include notable Detroit punk band The Dirtbombs and hip-hop artist Black Milk.

Watch it here

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