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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Vondelpark..Check it out.

There's been quite a lot of 'private' artists out there recently, refusing to showcase their work on myspace in some sort of bid to be well on their way to fame and fortune. Well... it does certainly seem to be working - that's for sure. Luckily, for us curious buggers, there's been some leaks to certain information such as  that he lives in the desolate town of Surrey which is laden with sheep, cows and the M25 (of course). This was probably a good thing - leaving him with too much time on his hands, which has seen him succeed onto great things.

Listening to his tracks carry you to a far off land in where you feel as if you are floating in nothingness - much like you're back in your mother's womb. You spread your arms, then your legs, and draw in a deep breath as you become overwhelmed by the mixture of melodous sounds and blistering drum speeds. The heartwarming and rythmic beats set you free you from any thoughts...and you exhale with relief as the valiently-leading lyrics have you put under their haunting spell. His debut EP: 'Sauna' will be released in October this year through Hitclub records.

Just close your eyes and listen...

Vondelpark - California Analog Dream by 1FTP

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