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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Primarni is Go..

When passing by Primark's A/W collection a few days back, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only were the pieces really wearable, but they were cheap and good / decent quality. The mixed array of cute dresses and fabulous shoes morphed me into the wide-eyed, gaping-mouthed 10 year old again I once knew so well. As in the only thing running through the puny little head of mine was how badly I wanted that dress/coat/(insert your 'obviously can't live without' item here) that I bet I'm only going to be £3 short of.  I have to get rid of something. But I want.. let me correct that.. I NEED both of them. What to do?

Will I go outside and politely ask people for a tube fare with the explanation that I have no other way to get home? 
Nope! And why? ...Because I probably won't be any quid short in Primark:

Gamine pleat tunic, £15; Black tights, £3; Lace and leather driving gloves, £7; Imi stiletto, £10

Snowflake jacket, £17; Jacquard roll neck, £17; Chunky knit snood, £4; Chunky knit arm warmers, £3; Jeans, £8; Faux shearing bag, £6 due; Ribbed over the knee socks, £1.50; Punch out hiking boots, £20,

Heart fob shorts, £10;Pussy bow blouse, £10; Ribbed over the knee socks, £1.50; Punch out hiking boots, £20

Fishnet crop top, £8; Chocolate fur coat, £27; Wet look biker legging, £7; Lace court shoes, £12; Black studded clutch, £7

Faux fur trapper, £5; Floral mix and max tunic, £10; Faux fur belted gillet, £17; Ribbed over the knee socks, £1.50; Knee-high zip boot, £18

Leopard playsuit, £13; Faux fur hobo, £10; Oversized bead and cord necklace, £5; Punch out hiking boots, £20; Ribbed over the knee socks, £1.50

Cashmere fur collar coat, £49; Stack heel platform, £15; Cable heart over the knee socks, £1.50, 

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