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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Alexa Chung for Madewell

"I want to bring cute back" chuckles Alexa Chung who describes the launch of her new A/W line as the collaboration of "a sexy tomboy & a sixties girl band"

So here it is...Alexa Chung has finally created her own clothing line for all those rich indie wannabes out there who simply adore her and devote their petty 'fashionista' lives to looking like her.

But for us normal lot, her collection could actually prove pretty useful. From within the avalanche of 'peter pan' collared polka dot dresses and signature sock and sandal combos, there are some essential pieces you can invest in and wear for the next few years such as the oversized wool jackets and high waisted jeans. And apparantly it's said to be affordable - then again,so is urban outfitters...


  1. Omg i love this collection!! Can you post a link to it?

  2. Hi, hope you're doing fine, actually I was waiting for a new postfrom long time. Nice, easy to wear garments, not so original maybe but good indeed for everyday. Welcome back, ciao!

  3. Hiya yes Ive been a little busy but hoping to add a lot more as I go along and working on some longer pieces. Need to update my lookville too! aha hope your well :)