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Friday, 24 June 2011

The 1-2-3-4 Festival

The 1-2-3-4 Festival
9 July, Shoreditch Park, London
Fans of music and counting numbers sequentially will be greatly warmed by the news that Noisey, VICE’s new-music-loving younger brother site, is hosting the biggest stage at this year’s 1-2-3-4 Festival.
The 1-2-3-4 takes place in Shoreditch Park, east London, on Saturday the 9th of July. The Black Lips, The Raveonettes and Lydia Lunch are among those who’ll be appearing in front of a big flag with Noisey written on it, while Becoming Real, Christian AIDS, Damo Suzuki, Echo Lake, Rainbow Arabia, The Proper Ornaments and a bunch of other people will be playing at other places across the site.
To add to the general sense of bonhomie, Noisey have decided to give it large, and are offering EXCLUSIVE NOISEY TICKETS. This means that they are cheaper for you to buy, so get yours.
For more information on the festival, visit the official 1-2-3-4 site.

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