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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Party at the Laundrette

Phillip Hill organises and invents guerilla raves which are taking over east london at the moment. "This is FLASH: it's naughty. It's nice. It's 'Glamour' in the style of Kerry Katona... It's DIY with claws on...IT"S UR RAVE AND U MAKE THE RULES. PARTY!"
Check it out...

"GET WASHED!!!! Remember, remember the Launderette of November. We do hope we're not arrested for our part in the washing powder plot. OOO, sparks may fly. Launderettes r all the rage, they say.This party is in a REAL Launderette, not a kitsch fake one. It's guerilla rave. We're airing our dirty laundry in public with bubbles of minimal techno from our DJs, A SOUND SYSTEM THAT WILL NOT BLOW UP & decrepit door whores (who will wri...te 'cunt' on ur arm) and bare atmosphere.

Get in full spin. Get Washed.
Dr Nick (minimal)
Bryn Phillips (minimal / detroit)
and a rumoured appearance from the gorgeous chorus girls of
THE METROPOLITAN POLICE FORCE (make sure u blow them a kiss!)

We want to keep this an open secret, we don't want any disco tourists turning up. We've never seen so many smiley faces and u can even bring ur washing if you like.
just remember to GET WASHED!"

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