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Friday, 29 October 2010

Are You an After Hours Athlete?

PUMA and VICE bring you The After Hours Athletics: a night of games, late night revelry and DJs, with hosts, our dear friends, House of Hot Breath.

The Old Blue Last
10 November

On the 10th November After Hours Athletes takes over The Old Blue Last from 8pm-12pm for a night of games, music and booze, hosted by the very hilarious House of Hot Breath. See below for a taster of  WHAT IS IN STORE...

Video DartsAthletes throw darts at a video projection of a selected music video: when the dart hits the board the DVD is paused and contestants gain points depending on who they have speared.

Table Tennis Beer Pong
Does this need an introduction? The yanks out there will know...

The concept is simple: sing karaoke on the crosstrainer. There’s a calorie counter attached and whoever burns the most calories is the winner. Can you beat the record: 54.7 calories to Iron Maiden's Run To The Hills. If you can your prize will involve 5,000 calories.

The Handbag Heavyweights
Two ladies stand together back to back, each holding out a handbag filled with something heavy, at arms length. This is a test of strength and stamina: whoever drops their arm first is the loser.

The Pizzaface Challenge
This is a re-work of the classic cereal box game, using a stack of six pizzas. Each athlete has to bend down and pick up a piece of pizza without using their hands. After each round a pizza box is taken off the stack and it gets lower. People have been known to take their clothes off during this event


Is Tropical

   Little is known about the enigmatic London three-piece Is Tropical, other than that they are one of this year’s most hotly tipped bands. For over a year now they have been wowing crowds with their mysterious live shows, their faces covered by masks and cloaked by self-made video projections. Formed in 2009 the band consists of Gary Barber, Simon Milner and Dominic Apa, plying their trade in lo-fi dance anthems and raw pop, effortlessly changing their soundscapes mid song.

   They wouldn’t reveal much about their censored After Hours Athletics, but revealed that the most athletic thing they have ever done after a gig is climb a mountain in Scotland…

O Children

   Rising from the ashes of now defunct band Bono Must Die, O.Children have been invoking the raw darkness of acts such as Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy and Joy Division for over a year. Named after a Bad Seeds track, the band fronted by Tobi O’Kandi and joined by Andi Sleath (Drums), Harry James (Bass) and Gautier Ajarrista (Guitar) have been described by the Guardian as ‘Early Bunnymen distilled through Billy Idol schlock’ and are at the forefront of today’s Goth rock scene. Their debut album was released in July and over the summer they played their first festival season, playing to the gargantuan crowds of Glastonbury, Lovebox and Latitude, further cementing their legendary live reputation. They claim that their greatest after hours victory was destroying everyone at pool in Efes, Dalston, where the shoot took place, and the most athletic thing they have ever done after a night out was drag racing in a 1978 Plymouth Sundance at a house party once. Does that count?



   KASMs are a Dalston based post-punk quartet. The group formed in late 2007 and have cited several origin stories for the band, the two most popular involving an argument between all four members by a Dalston cashpoint, and a chance meeting after being thrown off a dancefloor for aggressive dancing.

   The band are famed for their rowdy shows: abusing the audience, numerous scissor kicks, occasional backwards rolls and even more unhinged after parties. One particular incident in France included fireworks, scantily clad 17 year olds and some heinous acts committed in a portaloo.


   Primary 1 is the one-man electro pop brainchild of Joe Flory. Originally from the UK Joe spent his childhood moving around soaking up influences from Norway to Singapore whilst still taking in what little British music he could. Influenced by acts such as Basement Jaxx, Cassius and De La Soul Joe decided to come back to his spiritual home in the UK to study Film at University. Having impressed cult DJ Erol Alkan, Primary 1’s first single ‘Hold Me Down’ was released on Alkan’s Phantasy Sounds record label.
  He’s just spent the summer touring all over the UK, including a gig at Glastonbury, and keeps a meticulous comic strip diary detailing his rather bizarre tour experiences with added illustrations. Highlights include watching a man complete a giant 6x6 rubrix cube in under a minute and smashing a window in his studio and convincing all his friends that a ghost did it.

After all that how can you not be tempted to click here and sign up to your victory?

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