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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Interview with Egyptian Hip Hop (Alex)

How did you guys come together, and what inspired you to choose the name EHH?
We all knew each other in some way or another. Me and Nick, we were in a group together way before EHH... The name was just something we came across to front the music really - not a massive amount of meaning to it.

How would you describe your sound? And what are you trying to achieve through your music?
"We're kind of trying to fit the last 40 or so years of Pop music into more electronic, progressive and heavy styles - not really sticking to any theme as such."
When and how did you guys decide to take your band further?
"Once we realised we kind of had a manager and people were actually interested we decided to start putting everything into it."
Any idea of where you would like to be in 5 years time?
"In 5 years, hopefully still together as a group and hopefully with at least 2 albums we could all be proud of creating."
What do you think of the current music industry?
"It seems like people may have actually started to realise things are changing in the industry. There still haven't been any huge changes but at least some interesting people are still getting signed."
Musically, where do you think your heading?
"It's one of the things where its almost impossible to say. we've recorded very very pop songs and we've written awkward prog songs i think in general we're just going to try and find a middle ground."

Who'd be your dream band to tour with?
"Maybe radiohead or someone ridiculous or just some friends of ours like Connan mockasin or late of the pier which would be fun."

What's it like juggling college and music, and do the teachers treat you any differently now youre getting recognition?
"Unfortunately (sort of) me and Louis have dropped out of education now just so we can really focus on what we're doing at right now - this is the most important thing in our future. When we were in college though, some tutors treated us with a bit of favouritism I think which was kinda funny. I think Nick and Alex are just about dealing with the juggling fairly well, they've almost finished anyway."

Full article coming soon.

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