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Thursday, 7 April 2011

New Music

Pinch x Loefah x Roska

Pinch is a well known name when it comes to dubstep and is the label boss of Tectonics. Pinch collaborations are a rarity – his last one was in 2006 with ASBO. ‘Broken’, Pinch’s collaboration with bass-driven Loefah, produces something that’s pretty impressive where drones, stabs, weighty bass and consistent snares attend to your ears. There’s not much ‘wobbly sub’, which shows Pinch’s influence, and it makes the track a lot clearer. This track is so brilliant; it could be strong enough to define the meaning of dubstep. His next partnership is with Roska for ‘Paranormal Activity’. Roska usually hangs around the 130bpm mark, but here it’s taken one step further to 140bpm – more to Pinch’s stride. This increase makes Roska’s percussion fiercer as it emerges from amid the dark reverb and layered drums. If you haven’t listened to Pinch yet (or even hear of him), pinch yourself and wake the fuck up. This shit’s incredible.

Lapalux – ‘Time Spike Jamz’

22 year old Essex boy, Stuart Howard brings explosive and textured beats to your sweet and sound ears. The manipulation of samples and synths are brilliantly executed and leave you in a trance like state clouded by another-worldly presence. His punk-rock like attitude (although it’s nothing like punk rock… at all) to venturing beyond rules and what other producers have done, is a thing for others to aspire to. There’s nothing much else to say, unless you’d like an essay on his divine talent. I’d be surprised if you were still reading this, not having been intrigued enough by the name of Lapalux.

Release Date: 18th April 2011
Format: Limited edition cassette tape exclusive to and MP3 download

Mono/Poly - ‘Needs Deodorant’

Mono/Poly’s easy listening is perfect for those days you wake up with the sun shining and reach straight for that perfect Pimms mix. Much like the citrus fruit flavours stimulating your tongue, the innovative sounds and powerful rhythms invigorate your mind to a state of happiness and content. Which is pretty hard going considering the shit life throws at us.

Mono/Poly is releasing ‘Manifestations’ via Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder Label on April 4th.

Koolfella – ‘Poise’

Garage beats, a house-feel and Mary J vocals - what more could you ask of from a song? Koolfella’s a young ‘un from Berlin, but his music’s just as good as those who have been in the business for the years. This song knows exactly where it’s going and has the power to completely change the atmosphere of a room – into a good one that is.

Also check out ‘Bring It Back’ on his MySpace (

Grimes – ‘Vanessa’

Grimes is still staying strong, making beats that incorporate sounds from beyond the grave (well, not literally). ‘Vanessa’ sees falsettos hopping around, reminiscent of a children’s playground in the middle of an apocalypse. The vocals are exactly like that too, gothic and child-like tendencies attached with the choral-like ‘ooo’s’, yet are intermitted later on by far more mature ones. I think this was a whole scheme to simply creep people out. Who can’t admit that the beginning vocals make you want to (slightly) piss yourself, an image of a Korean pop-singer rising from the grave coming to mind? Nonetheless, it’s a change from her previous stuff, that rather from sounding like things rising from graves, was just kept buried below.

EP Hippos in Tanks / Arubutus out April 19th

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