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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Backstage Heroes

Profiling the people who make the music that we love happen. Not the front men, but the real cogs of the music industry - producers, sound engineers, video directors etc. The idea was to shoot them in the 519s product and talk to them about what they do, how it relates to music and fashion.

1. JOE AND WILL ASK (Club promoters/fashion designers)

Joe And Will Ask, 24 and 25 respectively, have just been signed to a monthly Saturday night residency at 90s relic, Ministry of Sound. They think this is the greatest thing ever. Sure, Will went to the world’s most famous fashion school and has his own label, and Joe works on Gareth Pugh’s show music with art-guy Matthew Stone, but snobbery isn’t really their thing. All they want to do is play music for wasted teenagers and people letting loose after working their asses off all week. The other venue they really like playing is London’s Hoist, the sort of gay bar no one admits they go to, where there’s a leather and rubber only dress code, and the furnishings include cages and slings.


2. JACK SHANKLY (Transparent Records/Altered Zones/NME)

Londoner Jack Shankly does a lot of stuff. At just 21, he runs Transparent Records, works as an A&R for Domino, co-edits Altered Zones (Pitchfork’s more out-there sister site), writes freelance for NME, and is the author of the Transparent music blog, which is known for championing some of the most original and exciting new artists around. We love him for giving physical form to some of the earliest records from bands like Washed Out, Yuck and The Smith Westerns. The only logical explanation is that he’s a robot who survives on zero sleep.


3. FLESH & BONE STUDIOS (Recording studio)

Flesh and Bone is a studio in east London, set up two years ago by six guys fresh out of college and funded by their part-time jobs. Between the partners they’ve worked with people like Crystal Fighters, Massive Attack, The Wombats and We Are Scientists. Only four of the guys could be at our shoot, all of them 25; Jamie Dodd, Daniel Ericsson, Shaun Savage and Owen Pratt, our interviewee.


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